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Alleviating Stress On The Grid With EV Fleet Adoption

The trend toward zero-emission fleets is picking up speed. UPS has ordered 20,000 electric trucks. New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has deployed an all-electric bus fleet from Manhattan to Harlem. Los Angeles has committed to an entirely electric sanitation fleet by 2035.

Many grid operators are worried that charging fleets of heavy, energy-hungry vehicles will cause stress on the already fragile electric grids. As new DC fast chargers take hold, which can dispense nearly 80% charge in under an hour, fears rise that the grid may not be able to keep up with electric fleet demand.

However, with an innovative mindset, we can flip this fear on its head. Charging infrastructure companies are already looking at electric fleets as a grid opportunity through viewing them as batteries on wheels rather than a grid problem, creating grid-balancing solutions that foster collaboration between utilities and the electric mobility industry. These solutions enable multistakeholder planning that will actually alleviate stress on the grid and benefit society as a whole.

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