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In many ways, the trucking industry is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy — transporting food, medicine, technology, and other products that we depend on to stores and homes across the nation. While trucks play a vital role in society, they are also a leading source of urban air pollution, noise and traffic congestion.

Over the three-year project, the Volvo LIGHTS partners demonstrated the many benefits of battery-electric freight trucks and equipment and prepared the region for the widespread introduction of this advanced zero-tailpipe emission technology. Through successful fleet demonstration projects, the trucks and equipment facilitated weighted emission reductions of NOx, ROG, and PM by an estimated 3.57 tons per year. Over 10 years, that equates to 35.7 tons of weighted emission reductions of these pollutants.

Through the integration of onsite solar panels, the project produced an estimated 1.86 million kWh of renewable electricity, the majority of which was used to charge the electric trucks and displace 207,000 diesel gallons equivalent of fossil fuel annually. This produced estimated reductions of 3,020 metric tons of GHG emissions annually or 30,200 metric tons of GHGs over a 10-year period.

While the Volvo LIGHTS project took place entirely in Southern California, the lessons learned from the project can be replicated in any region to support fleets with the transition to electromobility solutions.

Volvo LIGHTS Project Highlights Include:

  • Local fleets demonstrated the ability for battery electric heavy-duty trucks and equipment to reliably move freight —including groceries, restaurant supplies, mail, medical supplies, retail products — throughout the region with less noise and zero-tailpipe emissions
  • A local truck dealership provided the ability for fleets to lease battery electric trucks for real-world trials
  • Two electric truck maintenance training programs were introduced at local community colleges to ensure technicians have the proper technical training and understand all safety procedures when servicing electric drivetrains and components
  • First responders received training on how to safely respond in case of an incident or accident involving a battery-electric truck.
  • Solar panels were installed at local warehouses to increase the amount of renewable energy used to power the vehicles

How Will Electric Trucks Benefit Our Communities?

Reduce Air Pollution

Reduced Air Pollution

providing considerable public health benefits

Job Training

Cutting-Edge Job Training

for vehicle technicians, charging infrastructure construction, and more

Climate Protection

Climate Protection

due to zero tailpipe emissions and the reduction in fossil fuel use 


Less Congestion 

from being able to make deliveries at night with much quieter truck engines

Driver Experience

Better Truck Driver Experience 

due to a quieter ride and no exposure to fuel or exhaust fumes

Volvo LIGHTS In The Community

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