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Truck dealerships play an important role in the introduction of new vehicle technology, serving as a vital resource for the point of sale — including advising on the right configuration to meet a fleet’s operational needs, offering test drive opportunities, arranging vehicle financing and registration, and more. After vehicles are delivered, dealerships serve as a local resource to perform routine maintenance and repairs, keeping parts in their local inventory to minimize downtime.

A common perception is that electric trucks will have fewer moving parts and are therefore less technically complex than diesel- and gasoline-powered trucks. Although true on one level, electric trucks also have highly specialized components, such as battery systems, advanced power management software and computing systems, regenerative braking systems, and high-voltage electrical systems, requiring the development and implementation of appropriate training modules for the safety of service technicians.

To support the fleet customers operating battery-electric trucks through the Volvo LIGHTS project, Volvo Trucks collaborated with its largest West Coast dealership, TEC Equipment, to design and implement a comprehensive technician training program for dealerships. Volvo Trucks utilized the experience gained to launch its Volvo Trucks Certified EV Dealer program, which is enabling the OEM to build the robust sales and service ecosystem required to help fleet customers across the country achieve their zero-emission transportation goals.

Sales & Support

Volvo LIGHTS Sales & Service Innovations Include:

  • Established sales and service network support from of one of the world’s largest truck OEMs
  • Ability for fleets to lease battery-electric trucks for real-world trials
  • Partnerships with local colleges to create programs for electric vehicle repair and service technicians, including a first-of-its-kind augmented reality-based training program

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