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The Trucking Industry is Embracing Change and Electric Vehicles

The vehicle maker Volvo is now driven to roll out electrically-fueled heavy-duty trucks — the kind that makes short runs. It’s part of an effort by the state of California to help clean up air pollution and specifically in Los Angeles. Up first: about two dozen trucks with the accompanying charging stations. 

Specifically, the California Air Resources Board is investing $45 million. The money will be used by Volvo Trucks and 14 others to advance electric transportation and to promote zero-emissions technologies. Those private businesses are contributing the same amount of money, all to accommodate what they believe will be strong demand — one motivated by cheaper operational and maintenance costs along with mandatory rules to reduce harmful air emissions. 

“This project aligns with our core values as a company, which are about safety and care for the environment,” says Keith Brandis, vice president of partnerships and strategic solutions for Volvo Group, in a talk with this writer. “It is a business and as such, it has to be reasonable: anyone can build a prototype in the garage. But we will not deliver the trucks until we have the complete system in place, which includes the technicians and electrical infrastructures.” 

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